About the Performance

RITUAL is a fantasy of sight and sound featuring an international cast of singers, musicians, dancers, performers, models and muses. Fusing couture fashion with captivating live music and dance performance RITUAL aims to create a new kind of dance-floor, rocked by an alchemy of mystical characters, soulful melodies, and deep driving bass music. With elements of the classic rock opera and the modern electronic burlesque show the Ritual Experience is a hybrid concert experience unlike any other.

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About the Artists

Jillian Ann and Cassidy Haley met in the Los Angeles fashion underground; circling each other for years as their artistic endeavors morphed from modeling to performing, designing to song writing, one always just out of reach of the other. An apocalyptic photo shoot provided the catalyst to bring them together, and after a long day on set the two artists lay under the desert moon and dreamt of theatrical fashion  with couture music. Several bottles of red wine and a notebook full of crazy ideas later the pair set out in to the sunrise to turn their dream in to a reality. Their vision emerged as RITUAL, a creative endeavor for music, film, and fashion.

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