Love and Light releases “Thank You”



Love and Light – ‘Thank You’

It’s been six months since Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson, also known as Love and Light released their latest album Level Up; but now they’re back with two powerful Glitch-Hop tunes: Thank You and Pink and Purple Dots.

Thank You is a true masterpiece of Glitch Hop architecture, as it manages to maintain both heavy hitting and laid back vibes with its slow and deep bass accompanied by a steady, minimalistic drum beat. Pink and Purple Dots is a truly hypnotizing and yet energetic banger with a dreamscape-like intro. An enthusiastic buildup then leads to a dynamic, massive drop giving way to a well automated bassline peppered with the occasional sound effects in the upper registers which serve well to add endless flavour to the song.

Simply put, Thank You is a prime example of the beauty that can be heard in modern Glitch Hop! Click Here To Buy @ Addictech!