KALYDE “Unarmed and Ready” EP Release with special guest Whitney Myer


KALYDE EP Release with Whitney Myer

KALYDE: A group of musical revolutionaries and soul-searchers together carried away in a muse. Kalyde’s vibration of reggae, rock, spirit and meaning pours forth from their colliding talents, as their offering for the greater sum of humanity.  They are on a mission to create soundscape and word that soothes, excites, empowers and inspires humankind to love and live with our entirety.Each born from music, the four grew up in musical families with the type of intimacy and potency you cannot contrive.  The very fabrics of their beings are woven from the songs of the heart, and as a result their collective musical power radiates like wildfire from the stage.  Audience members leave the show as if having taken part in some type of religious ceremony; born into a new world of heightened spiritual awareness and a renewed sense of love and connection.
Kalyde will be performing in support of their debut EP “Unarmed and Ready” with Whitney Myer opening the evening with selections from her album “The Articles of Luminous Nature” along with new material including her forthcoming single “Lights.”
Doors at Room5 Lounge open at 7:30 with performances beginning at 9pm.