Richard Xavier presents “Big Heavy by The Novelists feat. Megan Slankard (Richard Xavier Remix)”

This Richard Xavier Remix is available as part of the #LouisianaStrong compilation along with tracks from Gramatik, Beats Antique, Boreta of The Glitch Mob, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Dirtwire, Moondog Matinee, and Whitney Myer (to name just a few.) I hope you will take a few moments of your time to read up on this amazing cause and learn how you can help, and score some great music in the process.

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Richard Xavier says, “I started this remix in 2014 as my first major musical undertaking. Over the course of many months and many late-night studio sessions this remix came to life, and I am proud (and terrified) to be able to present it to you now.”

“This track would not have been possible without the amazing original song written by Megan Slankard and Zack Teran of the Novelists. A very special shout out also needs to go to my production “coach” Ryan Anderson, who very patiently helped me make my vision in to a reality.”

Remix by: Richard Xavier

Original song by: Megan Slankard

and: Zack Teran of the Novelists

Special Thank You to: Ryan Anderson